Shure MX202 Overhead MicroFlex

Choir Microphone Rental

Choir Microphone
Choir Mic Mount
Choir Mic Connections

Rental Includes

  • Choir Mic
  • Required Cables
  • Mounting Solution
    • Floor Mic Stand
    • OR
    • Overhead Mount


This mic is a Shure Cardioid mic attached to a small goose neck to give it adjust-ability. 30-feet of thin audio cable is attached to the microphone and can be used with a Shure Body Pack to make the mic wireless or attached to a mic preamp giving the mic an XLR as its final connection.


As the name implies this mic is to be used with choirs or similar style group. Although it is a small package this mic is very sensitive and capable or reproducing excellent sound. Designed to be hung from the ceiling in-front of the performers or placed on a mic stand, the choir mic should be set a distance away from the group to pick-up the full range of the performers.

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